Florida Principal Fired After Students Shown Michelangelo’s David

See, this is what happens when you have charter schools run by ignorant parents, in this case, Florida’ Tallahassee Classical School, an oxymoronic name if ever there was one. It must be a swell place to work, as they just fired their third principal since it opened in 2020.

A new rule passed last month by the school board would mandate that parents are alerted two weeks before any curriculum is taught that is “potentially controversial.” Apparently, showing a masterpiece of renaissance art is considered controversial, so Hope Carrasquilla was sacked.

“It saddens me that my time here had to end this way,” Carrasquilla said.

Source: Huffington Post

The principal of Florida’s Tallahassee Classical School is out of a job after parents complained that their sixth-grade children were shown Michelangelo’s 16th century “David” sculpture, with one parent calling it “pornographic,” the Tallahassee Democrat first reported.

The now-former principal, Hope Carrasquilla, told HuffPost the situation was also “a little more complicated than that,” noting that the usual protocol is to send parents a letter before students are shown such classical artwork.

Due to “a series of miscommunications,” the letter did not go out to the sixth-grade parents, and some complained, Carrasquilla said.

One parent was “point-blank upset,” Carrasquilla continued, and “felt her child should not be viewing those pieces.”

The board of the charter school decided Monday to give the principal the choice to resign or be fired after less than a year in the job. She was the school’s third principal since it opened in the fall of 2020, per the Tallahassee Democrat.

A news report from WCTV.

And a tweet that tells everything you need to know why no parent should ever send their children there.

Florida Principal Fired After Students Shown Michelangelo’s David

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