Florida Family on Trial for Selling Dangerous Bleach as Hoax COVID-19 Treatment |

This week in Miami, a Florida family is on trial on charges that they distributed a dangerous industrial bleach through their online church as a hoax COVID-19 treatment.

According to court documents, Mark Grenon, 65, and his sons Jonathan, 37, Joseph, 35, and Jordan, 29, are each accused of conspiring to defraud the United States and deliver counterfeit drugs.

The Miami Herald reported that although the Grenons are acting in their own defense, they chose not to give opening arguments on Monday. They have entered a not-guilty plea.

The Bradenton family’s Genesis II Church of Health and Healing allegedly sold $1 million worth of their alleged Miracle Mineral Solution, according to the prosecution, who labeled the Grenons “snake-oil salesmen” and “con men.” Prosecutors claim that it was advertised in videos as a supposed treatment for 95% of ailments, including COVID-19, Alzheimer’s, autism, brain cancer, HIV/AIDS, and multiple sclerosis.


According to authorities, the Grenons were actually selling chlorine dioxide. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the solution turns into a bleach when consumed, which is typically used for cleaning pulp and paper, industrial water, and textiles. According to authorities, it can be fatal and is the equivalent of drinking bleach.

The church disregarded a Miami federal judge’s order to stop selling the drug in 2020.

Just south of Tampa Bay in Bradenton, authorities detained Jonathan and Jordan Grenon. After escaping to Colombia, Mark and Joseph Grenon were apprehended and extradited back to the United States.

Florida Family on Trial for Selling Dangerous Bleach as Hoax COVID-19 Treatment |

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