FBI Allegedly Caught Spying On U.S. Senator |

Recent public documents reveal the unauthorized surveillance of a U.S. Senator and a state lawmaker by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).


Under the purview of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the Section 702 database grants FBI and NSA access, limited to cases where potential information from foreign intelligence agencies can be obtained.


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As per the court opinion, yet another FBI agent inappropriately accessed information on a U.S. Senator and a State Senator in the contentious 702 database. The analyst possessed knowledge that a specific foreign intelligence service had targeted both lawmakers. However, the search was reviewed by the Justice Department’s National Security Division, which concluded that it did not meet the required standards.


The court’s opinion further revealed that an FBI agent conducted a separate search of a state-level judge’s social security number in October of the previous year. This judge had previously reported alleged civil rights violations committed by a municipal chief of police. Nevertheless, the results of this search were insufficient to warrant querying the database.


Despite being notified, the specific lawmakers who were subjected to unauthorized FBI surveillance remain unknown at present.

Notably, FBI Director Christopher Wray presented the latest FBI misconduct as a decrease in previous wrongdoing. In response to the FISC opinion, Wray emphasized the “2023 FISC Opinion” as evidence of significant improvements in the FBI’s compliance with Section 702 querying since implementing substantial reforms. We are committed to prioritizing national security while responsibly exercising our Section 702 authorities.


This information arises amidst the Biden Administration’s struggle to garner support for the renewal of FISA surveillance, which has faced criticism from various political circles.



Earlier this year, it came to light that the FBI had covertly conducted surveillance on numerous individuals who participated in the Capitol protests on January 6 and the BLM protests in 2020.

An extensive review by the FISA court revealed approximately 300,000 instances of abuse between early 2020 and the start of 2021. Disturbingly, the report highlights that despite lacking any grounds to suspect ties to foreign governments, one FBI agent conducted 23,132 inquiries on American citizens following the January 6 Capitol protests.


Judge Rudolf Contreras of the FISA Court openly acknowledged that the FBI was consistently in breach of the government’s three-part standard. In October 2018, the Court definitively determined that the FBI’s repeated failure to comply with information requests under Section 702 eroded the essence of “minimization procedures” and their adherence to the Fourth Amendment’s requirement of reasonableness.


FBI Allegedly Caught Spying On U.S. Senator |

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