Farmington mass shooting victims identified: Here’s what we know

The Farmington Police Department, San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, and the New Mexico State Police are present at the location, conducting an investigation into an incident involving an active shooter in Farmington.

The current information available indicates that there was an encounter between multiple officers from the Farmington Police Department and the suspect, resulting in an officer-involved shooting. The suspect was confronted and fatally shot at the scene.

The identity of the suspect remains unknown, and there are no additional known threats at this moment. Currently, there is no indication of a second suspect. As a result, all lockdowns have been lifted.

Two officers, one from the Farmington Police Department and another from the New Mexico State Police, were injured in the incident and are currently receiving treatment for their injuries at San Juan Regional Medical Center.

Thankfully, their conditions are stable. Tragically, there are multiple civilian victims, with at least three reported fatalities. As more information becomes accessible, we will provide further updates.

Domanias “Nick” Stamatiadis

In a Facebook post, Craig McClure praised Officer Domanias “Nick” Stamatiadis, describing him as one of the finest officers he had the privilege to work with.

Officer Stamatiadis, originally from Greece and having joined law enforcement later in life, is known for his good humor, friendly nature, and dedication to community policing.

Tragically, he was shot today in the “Mass shooting” incident involving a self-centered teenager.

While he will recover, he will require some time for healing. McClure requests prayers for Officer Stamatiadis, the injured Farmington Police officer, the victims who lost their lives, and their grieving families.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.

Farmington mass shooting victims identified: Here’s what we know

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