Explosive Testimony Reveals Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Uncovers Crucial Laptop Secret |

The business partner of Hunter Biden who testified before Congress shed new light on the infamous laptop’s contents, which included a crucial instruction to purchase a burner phone.

Even though the corporate media downplayed Devon Archer’s hearing on Monday regarding the inclusion of then-Vice President Joe Biden on his son’s business calls in support of former President Donald Trump’s new indictment, the claims are still significant. In fact, suspicion has increased after looking at one email from the days before Archer and Biden’s meeting at the White House.

The co-founder of Rosemont Seneca and a fellow board member of Burisma had a meeting with the vice president three days earlier on April 13, 2014, according to a Daily Mail report that included an email from Hunter to Archer from that date.

In a screenshot posted by Bo Snerdley’s the Daily BS, the pertinent line “Buy a cell phone from a 7/11 or CVS [tomorrow] and [I’ll] do the same” was highlighted, prompting the question “Who buys a burner phone? On his AT&T account, Hunter “kept 13 phone numbers active.”

The report came after Archer’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee, where he claimed that the elder Biden had been asked to speak for his son’s telephone business meetings on “approximately 20 occasions.” New York Rep. Dan Goldman (D) had tried to suggest that these calls were just “niceties” to say “hello” and talk “about the weather or whatever it was.”

The president himself might have been paying the bill for a while, according to earlier reports, which suggested a long history of suspicious phone activity associated with Hunter’s business dealings.

I spoke with Hunter today regarding his bills, according to a January 2019 email from Hunter’s assistant Katie Dodge to bookkeeper Linda Shapero, Biden aide Richard Ruffner, and the younger Biden. My understanding is that while Hunt transitions in his career, his father will temporarily pay these bills. The current bills that I am aware of are on a list. Below is the list I’ve attached.

The list of nearly $740,000 in bills included Hunter’s phone lines, of which there were reportedly 13 active phone numbers through his AT&T account, averaging $1,200 in monthly payments at the time. They attributed three of those figures to Hunter’s daughters.

It was previously reported that Peter Schweizer, the head of the Government Accountability Institute, had alerted Congress to the use of a non-government-issued “global phone” that came with the AT&T account by the vice president at the time.

What channels of communication exist between Joe Biden, who is the vice president of the United States, and Hunter Biden, his business partners, etc.? Schweizer posed the query on Fox News. The phone is not from the government. Joe Biden’s personal phone is not this one. The laptop reveals that Joe Biden used a private phone line while vice president, which Hunter Biden’s company had paid for.

Whether or not the House Oversight Committee used that data to subpoena those records was unknown. One of the numbers had changed hands between Hunter and his father between July 2011 and June 2018, as per the Mail’s report on the laptop’s contents.

Hunter had also downloaded sixteen different private messaging apps prior to 2019 including Wickr, Signal, and WeChat in Chinese.

The email telling Archer to buy a burner phone also explained the current political unrest in Europe and how Burisma could profit from it. If they are wise enough to recognize our long-term value, this could be the break we have been waiting for, Hunter wrote.

Explosive Testimony Reveals Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Uncovers Crucial Laptop Secret |

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