Exploring Mac OS Dislikes and Solutions

Exploring Mac OS: Dislikes and Solutions

Having immersed myself in Mac OS for the last 2 years, I can confidently say that I have developed a profound appreciation for it. However, like any platform, it’s not without its nuances. In this video, I will delve into the aspects of Mac OS that I dislike and ensure that I can provide solutions for each of the points that I discuss.

1. Window Management

Mac OS has terrible window management. Holding down the full-screen button will allow two windows to go into split view mode, but you can’t drag a window to snap it into place, and you are limited to only split view mode. I recommend an app called Rectangle, a free open-source app that makes managing your windows an absolute breeze.

2. Mouse & Trackpad Scroll Direction

There is no option to decouple the scroll direction of the trackpad and the mouse. The separate toggles for natural scrolling on the touchpad and mouse settings are linked. Using third-party applications like Scroll Reverser can solve this inconvenience.

3. Lost in Finder

If you ever find yourself lost in Finder with no clue about the directory you are in, enable the “Show Path Bar” and “Show Status Bar” options under the “View” menu.

4. No Delete Key

MacBooks lack a dedicated delete button. To delete a file in the Finder, use the hack: Command + Backspace.

5. “Get Info” Button

Pressing the “Get Info” button on multiple files or folders doesn’t provide a combined storage estimate. Instead, it opens individual windows. The workaround is to select the files and press Command + Option + I.

6. Volume Mixer

Mac OS lacks a volume mixer, a feature introduced for Windows back in 2007. Third-party software like BackgroundMusic or SoundSource can be used to achieve volume control for individual applications.

7. Tiny Calendar

When clicking on date and time, there is no native tiny calendar feature. Workarounds include using calendar widgets or third-party software like Dat.

8. Notifications

Notifications on a MacBook can be disruptive. While different Focus modes exist, turning off notifications altogether might be a more user-friendly option.

In conclusion, there isn’t much to dislike about Mac OS, as it performs almost everything perfectly out of the box. If you have any personal dislikes about Mac OS, feel free to share them in the comment section below.


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