Exploring CES 2024: A Tech Enthusiast’s Recap

Hello there, my fellow tech aficionados! As you can see, we made it back to the studio after being invited to CES by the good folks over at Intel. We also spent some time in LA to finish all of our coverage—well, most of it. Now, I thought it would be a good time to recap all the crazy new stuff we saw before getting our hands on proper review samples.

Intel’s Impressive Showcase

While it wasn’t my first time in Vegas, attending one of the world’s biggest tech happenings was an experience. Intel did not only showcase the majority of new devices being powered by their more efficiency-focused Meteor Lake chips and the more performance-oriented Raptor Lake refresh silicon, but they also hosted some very interesting activities.

Insights from the Meteor Lake Performance Workshop

Getting accustomed after a pretty long flight and caffeinated to fight the jetlag, Team Blue invited us to a Meteor Lake Performance Workshop. We had the chance to test the new silicon at launch with the Asus ZBook 14 and an Acer Swift Go 4. They gave us some time to play around with a reference design based on the MSI Prestige 16, equipped with the faster Core Ultra 165H.

In addition, they showed real-world tests focusing on the chip’s advantages—efficiency, battery life benefits during low-load scenarios, AI capabilities, and, of course, some gaming to see what the new low-power island can do. A specific section on every Meteor Lake diet can operate independently. They hooked up a sample of the ZBook 14 and a Team Red-equipped competitor to a live readout of the silicon power consumption playing back a 4K video. It was impressive to see how the chip barely sipped power, which should come in handy for binge-watching the next Netflix shows.

AI was everywhere, and with the new CPUs being Intel’s first chips with a dedicated neural processing unit, we got to experience some very interesting use cases. While separating audio tracks in Audacity or generating images in stable diffusion locally might be a niche for now, it was still impressive to see what might be possible very soon after software developers take proper advantage of the chip’s AI capabilities.

Gaming with Meteor Lake

We can’t talk about Meteor Lake without discussing gaming. With its very own upscale EX CSS, you can squeeze quite a few frames out of the integrated Arc GPU. Not only will your average ultrabook be able to handle some light gaming, but with devices like MSI’s first handheld, the Core Ultra-powered Claw on the horizon, we may see more gaming-focused products that forgo a dedicated GPU completely. Meteor Lake-powered notebooks are on the way, so be sure to subscribe to not miss our reviews.

Diving into the World of Notebooks in 2024

After the official keynote to kick off CES, we had the chance to get a first look at the plethora of different notebooks that will be powered by Intel in 2024. It’s a lot! Whether you’re into crazy fast gaming behemoths like the ROG Scar 18 or Razer Blade 18, smaller premium machines that blur the line between entertainment and work like the Asus ROG G14 or HP Omen 14, new takes on old classics like Dell’s new XPS lineup, or super sleek ultrabooks like the aforementioned ZBook 14, you should not have a problem finding the perfect notebook for yourself.

Intel Evo Certification and Rigorous Testing

Speaking of ultrabooks, we’ve all seen the Intel Evo sticker on a few notebooks before. Alongside the more entertainment-focused section, Intel also shared some more details about what goes into validating systems to be branded as an Evo notebook. In some rigorous testing, not completely unlike ours, they ensure that any given laptop featuring that sticker will be properly tested for everything that makes or breaks your experience with a new notebook.

Notebook Highlights from CES 2024

Which notebooks caught my eye all over Las Vegas? I’d have to start with MSI. While most manufacturers stuck to just refreshing the lineup with either the Meteor Lake or Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs, MSI revamped almost its entire lineup. I am very excited about the two 18-inch behemoths, the Titan HX, and the more creatively focused Stealth 18 Studio, with their 18-inch 120Hz mini-LED displays.

The ROG G16 is high on my list as well. We’re already working on a review for the super sleek 16-inch performance machine with a 240Hz G-Sync OLED, up to a 4090, and Intel’s Core Ultra 9 beating heart. Talking about OLEDs, Razer equipped their 16-inch Blade with a 240Hz variant, and the bigger brother, the Blade 18, will be one of the very first devices to feature Thunderbolt 5 connectivity.

The 14-inch gaming laptop category got a new contender in 2024, and this time it’s HP giving it a go with the super portable and insanely lightweight Omen 14. One of my highlights, though, was the Lenovo Legion 7i, especially in this white finish. I wish they would offer GPUs beyond the RTX 4070. This thing looks amazing.

Closing Thoughts

Please let me know what your highlight from CES was. Sound off in the comments below. Which notebook is number one on your wish list for 2024? A big shout-out once more to Intel for sponsoring a part of our trip, enabling us to bring all of our coverage to your homes. If you missed anything, please check out all of our recent videos. Thanks a ton for watching, folks. Make sure to hit that like and subscribe button on your way out. My name is Alex. You have been fantastic, and I cannot wait to catch you all in the next one. Take care!


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