Expand Your Holdings Significantly with Bitget Earn.

Want to put your money to work but don’t feel like sitting in front of the screen all day to monitor the market? Try our cutting-edge Bitget Earn with Bitget Range Sniper, Bitget Smart Trend, Bitget Dual Investment, and Bitget Shark Fin for safe and impressive wealth building.

Let’s see which Bitget Earn product is best for your needs.

Bitget Range Sniper

We have been continuously expanding the variety of investment products on Bitget, with Bitget Range Sniper being the latest introduction. The lowest APR on Bitget Range Sniper up until now is guaranteed at 20% despite your speculation of market sentiment, the highest is up to 500%, and that’s why Bitget Range Sniper has become the new obsession of many investors.

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Bitget Range Sniper differentiates itself from other earning schemes on Bitget in that the asset to be paid out is flexible. In case the market moves in the opposite direction to your prediction, you’ll get the payout in Bitcoin or Ethereum, which is perfect because you can hold them and lock in the profit once prices go up. If prices progress in line with your expectation, your profits will be realized immediately by the payout in USDT. You win, either way.

Bitget Smart Trend

Also allowing investors and technical analysts to ride with the waves is Bitget Smart Trend. Bitget Smart Trend is principal-protected, which means investors have the opportunity to place a bet on BTC/ETH prices of the next seven days without worrying about losses at settlement. You can subscribe to Bitget Smart Trend with Bitcoin or Ethereum or USDT, but the gains are distributed in the form of the asset you use to subscribe. High APR is also to be seen with Bitget Smart Trend; the most recent Bearish ETH investments offer up to 70% and 90% APR.

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Final Words

Bitget Earn has undeniable charm, as evidenced by the $10.5 million total fund subscriptions for four products in May alone. The most popular product is Bitget Shark Fin, both in terms of total subscriptions and number of subscribers. For long-term investors, Bitget Dual Investment is the second-best option, while Bitget Smart Trend is ideal for farmers. Regardless of where you are on your crypto journey, Bitget provides valuable assistance through our extensive product range and 24/7 support in your native language.

Expand Your Holdings Significantly with Bitget Earn.

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