Ex-Fox Producer Tells How Creepy It Was Working For Tucker

Former Fox News producer Abby Grossberg spilled the tea to MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace about what it was like working for newly fired Tucker Carlson’s show. On her first day at work, she said she saw pictures of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, now 82 years old, in a plunging bathing suit in Europe plastered everywhere.

“I was hoping that it would be more professional and what he was portraying on air was just a show, and unfortunately, that wasn’t the case,” she said.

“So when do you realize that?” Wallace asked.

“Immediately,” Grossberg said. “I show up on the first day of work, and I know that this is a popular one. It’s been widely publicized.”

“There are literally pictures like this big of Nancy Pelosi in a bathing suit in Europe,” she added.

Grossberg said a picture was also on the temporary computer she had to use, and there was a rumor of Maria Bartiromo having an affair with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

She said she “was shocked.”

Here’s a pic of Nancy looking fabulous in a bathing suit that shook Tucker so badly that he plastered the walls with it.

I think Tuckems has a bit of a crush on Nancy.

H/T: Aaron Rupar

Ex-Fox Producer Tells How Creepy It Was Working For Tucker

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