Even In Retirement, Dr. Anthony Fauci Recieves Paid Government Security Detail |

Anthony Fauci, a former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is receiving government security detail, according to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who confirmed this.

On Monday, Paul claimed during an appearance on Jesse Watters Primetime that the United States Marshals Service had admitted to paying for Fauci’s security detail, but that HHS was reimbursing them.

“We questioned HHS early in the summer: Is he still employed, does he own this limo, does he have a driver, and does he have a security detail? Actually, HHS informed us that they had stopped paying for it in January, Paul said.

The U.S. Marshals were funding it, even though HHS wasn’t directly funding it, a judge forced Fox to admit after they filed a Freedom of Information Act request. Can you imagine if we asked the government to pay for his limousine, chauffeur, and security detail and they responded, “Oh, we’re not doing it, but oh, somebody else is doing it, and we’re paying them?'” he continued. It’s a terrible illustration of how the government deceives the public and its representatives.


Paul stated that he is still puzzled as to why Fauci, who is retired, is receiving such services.

“A former president is the only retired official I’m aware of who receives this kind of treatment. Paul said, “So I don’t know why this bureaucrat still has a limo driver or security detail. “And we want to know: Does he still have legal counsel? Because he might need that at some point,”

According to Paul, it is believed that Fauci possesses the necessary resources to cover his own security and legal defense. It is worth mentioning that Fauci is a person of significant wealth, with his financial standing experiencing a 30% increase throughout the pandemic. In August 2022, Fauci announced his retirement, concluding his tenure as the director of the NIAID and the chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden at the end of the year. Additionally, Paul has accused Fauci of employing government resources to conceal the true origin of the coronavirus, all while profiting from it.

Even In Retirement, Dr. Anthony Fauci Recieves Paid Government Security Detail |

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