Electric Vehicles For The Military Is Now Considered ‘Woke’

Sen. Joni Ernst described the attempt to modernize military vehicles to EV standards on Fox News as “woke”.

Electric vehicles have now entered into the Republican canon of wokeism that used to only include wingnut culture war memes.

Earlier Tuesday, Fox News’ Harris Faulkner set up Ernst with the topic of electrifying military vehicles.

“When it comes to the Department of Defense, they are trying to take our non-tactical vehicle fleet and transition it to all electric by 2030,” Sen. Ernst said. “Instead of focusing on the lethality of our men and women in uniform, we’ve gone woke with our vehicles in the DoD.”

What does modernizing military vehicles have to do with Republicans culture wars? Will heavy duty tanks begin to teach critical race theory?

“How are we going to plug them all in?” Faulkner joined in. “We can’t even plug in stuff in the summertime in California, including the electric cars, and there are only 6% of them out on the road.”


“And I think most Americans would agree, this is not what our Department of Defense needs to focus on,” Senator Ernst replied. “Let’s make sure we’re doing the right thing by those men and women in uniform and making sure that we’re training them appropriately and that we’re outfitting them for survivability, not going and bowing to those greenies on the far left.”

How are electric vehicles putting US soldiers lives at risk? Ernst never explained that at all because it’s ridiculous on its face.

Republicans bow down and scrape to Big Oil, just like they do to the NRA. It is pitiful.

The Fox News host was also very giddy over attacking electric vehicles.

“I’ve got to tell you, I had no idea that readiness came with a bicycle when your EV won’t charge because you don’t have the electrical grid to do it,” Faulkner said.

Sure, our troops will jump on Schwinn classics to ride out of trouble and minefields.

Any attempt to reform change or update the US military is now considered being “woke” by Senate Republicans and their media mouthpieces.

Electric Vehicles For The Military Is Now Considered ‘Woke’

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