Eastman’s Lawyer Does Not Deny He Lied About Election Fraud

In an interview with John Eastman’s attorney, Harvey Silvergate, Jake Tapper asked him to respond to one of the criminal charges, that Eastman knew he had provided false information in a lawsuit alleging election malfeasance in Georgia.

It speaks volumes that Silvergate kept denying Eastman had committed crimes unrelated to anything Tapper had asked about.

First, Silvergate claimed that Eastman was merely coming up with theories that were “very different, very new, very cutting edge.” As MSNBC explains, that is a load of BS. Among other reasons, Eastman admitted in an email that he knew the claims of fraud he swore to in a lawsuit were false.

Tapper knew it and did not let Silverglade wriggle away. He pointed out that the district attorney did not allege Eastman put forth unproven or false legal theories but that he made “assertions of fact Mr. Eastman knew to be untrue” about election malfeasance in Georgia.

“But tell me what’s criminal about it,” Silverglade replied. “He didn’t bribe anybody. Tell me what’s criminal. He didn’t force anybody.”

“I think making false statements in a sworn document is considered fraud, is it not?” Tapper pressed.

Silverglade did not deny it. “Well, that will be determined in a trial,” he responded. Then, in a carefully parsed statement, he added, “I don’t think that anything Eastman did constitutes fraud.”

When a lawyer doesn’t outright and vociferously deny the charges against his client, you can best believe he knows he’s guilty.

Eastman’s Lawyer Does Not Deny He Lied About Election Fraud

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