Donald Trump’s Rally in Alabama: Calling Out “Weak” Republicans |

At a rally for supporters on Friday night in Montgomery, Alabama, former President Donald Trump remarked that the majority of prominent Republicans were “weak.”

Trump sang his best songs at the event after being charged on Thursday for trying to rig the 2020 presidential race. He said that the GOP needed to get its act together when it came to criticizing President Joe Biden in front of the audience.

The five worst presidents in American history, according to Trump, “would not have destroyed our nation nearly as much as corrupt Joe Biden and the Biden administration did,” he said.

Republicans have accused Biden of working with his son Hunter Biden in questionable business dealings. Some even claim that the elder Biden accepted bribes while serving as vice president. However, there hasn’t yet been any evidence to support the claims. Hunter Biden is now facing charges for tax offenses. A judge halted a plea bargain in the case last week.

Trump said, “[H]e shouldn’t be allowed to be president,” before criticizing his own party. “And the Republicans best get smart and tough because most of them now come across as a bunch of wimpy jerks,” said the speaker. Additionally, you must develop toughness and intelligence and use fire to combat fire. You must not permit this to continue.


Although it is unclear exactly how Trump wants the GOP to “get smart,” this may involve opening an impeachment investigation on Biden, a prospect that Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) originally raised last month.

Trump is vying for the Republican nomination in 2024 and is widely favored to succeed given his current advantage over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the competition. As has become his habit in recent months, Trump repeatedly attacked “Ron DeSanctimonious” throughout his address on Friday night.


Donald Trump’s Rally in Alabama: Calling Out “Weak” Republicans |

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