Donald Trump Raises Legitimate Concerns Over Impartiality of Judge in Ongoing Criminal Federal Case |

The former President, Donald Trump, is currently expressing concerns regarding the impartiality of the presiding judge in his ongoing criminal case. He asserts that he will not receive a fair trial due to the judge’s involvement.

In a strongly-worded message on Truth Social, the ex-president expressed his discontent regarding the assignment of Judge Tanya Chutkan to preside over his case. Additionally, he indicated his intention to request her recusal and a change of venue from Washington D.C.

According to Trump, it is highly improbable for him to receive a just trial given the judge who has been “assigned” to preside over the contentious case involving freedom of speech and fair elections. It is widely acknowledged by a broad consensus that the aforementioned information is commonly known, and this knowledge is shared by the individual in question. We will promptly request the recusal of this judge based on substantial grounds, and similarly seek a change of venue outside of Washington, D.C.

Judge Chutkan, who was nominated by former President Barack Obama, has been identified by a Washington Post database as having issued the most severe sentences among all judges overseeing cases related to the events of January 6th. Furthermore, she rendered a significant ruling in November 2021, wherein she determined that the House Select Committee possessed the authority to obtain Trump’s White House records as part of their inquiry into the events of January 6th.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) requested a protective order from Judge Chutkan subsequent to a social media post made by former President Trump, wherein he expressed the following sentiment: “If you initiate legal action against me, I will respond in kind.”

According to the motion filed by the prosecutors, the act of the defendant publicly sharing information obtained during the discovery process, such as details or grand jury transcripts, could potentially have a detrimental impact on witnesses and impede the fair administration of justice in this particular case.

Judge Chutkan has issued an order mandating that the Trump team submit a response no later than Monday afternoon.

Furthermore, Donald Trump, in addition to expressing disapproval towards the judge, proceeded to reiterate his criticisms of Special Counsel Jack Smith on Sunday morning.


According to Trump, Jack Smith, who is characterized as deranged, and the Department of Justice, which is described as highly partisan and corrupt, had the opportunity to initiate legal proceedings against Joe Biden’s alleged opponent years ago. However, they deliberately delayed taking action and instead timed the legal action to coincide with Trump’s ongoing election campaign. There is a lack of plausibility or credibility in the given statement. I trust that you are observing the developments in the United States. The current state of our nation is undergoing significant deterioration. The phrase “Make America Great Again!” is a political slogan that gained popularity during the 2016 United States presidential campaign.


Donald Trump Raises Legitimate Concerns Over Impartiality of Judge in Ongoing Criminal Federal Case |

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