DNF Duel Season 2 1.40 Patch Notes: New Mechanics and Balance Changes Revealed

DNF Duel Overview

DNF Duel is a collaborative effort between Arc System Works, Eighting, and Neople, and it serves as a spin-off to the popular Dungeon & Fighter series. The game was initially released on June 28, 2022, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, with a Nintendo Switch version following on April 20, 2023. Combining elements of traditional fighting games with simplified mechanics, DNF Duel aims to provide an accessible experience for both newcomers and veterans alike.

The gameplay mechanics in DNF Duel share similarities with other titles developed by Arc System Works. However, the controls have been streamlined to cater to a wider audience, ensuring that players can easily grasp the game’s intricacies without feeling overwhelmed. One notable addition is the utilization of an MP bar, reminiscent of the main Dungeon & Fighter games and other role-playing games. 

DNF Duel Season 2 1.40 Patch Notes

Nexon and Arc System Works are set to release the Version 1.40 update for DNF Duel, which introduces substantial additions and changes, effectively marking the start of Season 2. The patch notes include a comprehensive list of balance adjustments, fresh mechanics, and exciting features. One of the notable additions is the implementation of a new defensive mechanic called Indomitable Spirit.

Players can activate this defensive technique by simultaneously pressing the back button, the B button, and the special attack button while guarding. Indomitable Spirit provides a shield against Guard Break Gauge damage, which has also undergone adjustments. Moreover, the update ensures that block stun time remains consistent, regardless of the type of attack being guarded.

Additionally, the update brings the introduction of Clear Cube awakening as an alternative option, enhancing gameplay possibilities for all characters. Scheduled for release on July 12, the Version 1.40 update will coincide with the arrival of Spectre, the game’s first downloadable content (DLC) character. Players can find the full patch notes on the DNF website.


Season 2 1.40 Patch Notes

Ver 1.40 patch has been released with the following updates:


  • New DLC character – Spectre has been added.
  • Battle balance adjustments have been made.
  • New Battle System has been added. Please refer to the list below for details.

General / In various Modes

  • Improved input lag on PlayStation5.
  • Opening cinematic has been updated.
  • The previous version can be found in Movie Gallery.
  • Revised the search algorithm for Ranked Match.

(Not applied to Nintendo Switch)

Bug Fix

Training Mode

  • Fixed the bug in which the opponent set as ‘Guard all’ can sometimes be hit when certain actions are recorded on Reversal recording.
  • Fixed the bug in which Record/Playback shortcut button is activated in certain situations, even when Record/Playback Type is set as ‘Random’ in Action Record Settings.

Story Mode

  • Fixed the bug in which only the opponent wins upon Double KO.

(Not applied to Nintendo Switch)

Ranked Match

  • Fixed the bug in which the entry is not automatically released after the limited time to accept the match has passed.

(Applied only to Nintendo Switch)


  • Fixed the bug in which Reversal system notice is displayed when it has not been activated.
  • Fixed the bug in which certain objects are displayed in front of system notice in Oceanic Express Stage.

Key Display

  • Moved 1P’s arrow keys to the left side of the screen in Training Mode and Replay Mode.

(Applied only to Nintendo Switch)

DNF Duel Gameplay

DNF Duel features gameplay that draws inspiration from other fighting games developed by Arc System Works, albeit with a more simplified approach. The developers have ensured that the mechanics are accessible to newcomers while retaining depth for experienced players. The controls have been streamlined, allowing players to engage in dynamic battles without the burden of complex inputs.

This design choice aims to make the game more inviting for those who may have found traditional fighting games intimidating. Notably, the introduction of an MP bar adds a strategic layer to combat. Players can unleash powerful skills by expending MP, which gradually replenishes over time. One of the game’s unique features is the utilization of simplified inputs.

This allows players to perform actions more easily, reducing the learning curve and enabling swift adaptation to various combat situations. Furthermore, DNF Duel incorporates the concept of skills commonly found in role-playing games, with the MP bar serving as a resource for executing these devastating attacks. The gameplay experience is further enriched by the Version 1.40 update, which introduces new mechanics such as Indomitable Spirit, Clear Cube awakening, and a backward dodge. These additions enhance defensive options and offer fresh strategies to outsmart opponents.

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DNF Duel Season 2 1.40 Patch Notes: New Mechanics and Balance Changes Revealed

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