Dillon Scott Dees allegedly tried to hire a hitman: FBI

Dillon Scott Dees (Comal County Sheriff’s Office)

A 33-year-old man’s alleged attempt to hire a hitman for $27,000 in Bitcoin to kill his former father-in-law — a sheriff’s deputy — in a divorce and custody battle with his ex-wife was foiled when the person he tried to get help from turned out to be a confidential informant working for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Dillon Scott Dees allegedly tried to find someone to kill a Comal County sheriff’s deputy, authorities said. He faces charges of interstate commerce in the commission of murder for hire.

An email to Dees’ defense attorney seeking comment was not immediately returned.

An FBI agent spelled out how it all allegedly went down in a federal affidavit.

It allegedly began on June 26 when a confidential source (CS) was approached by a man known as “Dillon,” later identified as Dees, at a Bexar County, Texas job site. Dees asked if the CS could find someone who would carry out a murder, the affidavit alleges.

“Dees told the CS that his ex-wife was trying to move to Ohio with their daughter and that his former father-in-law was a problem for him,” the document said.

Dillon Scott Dees allegedly tried to hire a hitman: FBI

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