Diana Ornelas arrested during naptime for murder

Diana Ornelas. (Mugshot: Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office)

A preschool teacher was reportedly arrested during the children’s naptime, with authorities saying she and a man murdered someone found shot to death down a highway hillside. The Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office in California identified her as Diana Ornelas, 22. She and co-defendant Dennis Novoa, 27, were taken into custody Wednesday.

Deputies said they were called out April 11 at around 7 p.m. regarding a dead body down a hillside of Highway 9 near mile marker 3.56.  The autopsy determined that someone shot victim Oliver Waterwall, 24, to death. According to the sheriff’s office, investigators did interviews and looked at surveillance footage. They claim Novoa and Ornelas murdered Waterfall.

“Dennis and Diana were known to Mr. Waterfall,” deputies wrote, being vague about the relationship between the victim and his alleged killers. “The motive of the homicide is believed to be of a personal nature.”

Dennis Novoa. (Mugshot: Santa Cruz Sheriff's Office)

Dennis Novoa. (Mugshot: Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office)

Diana Ornelas arrested during naptime for murder

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