DeSantis Whines: Trump Takes Disney’s Side

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis joined the C-team hosting Fox and Friends on the Monday holiday to promote his pitch for the 2024 Republican nomination.

DeSantis has egg on his face. Disney outplayed him and canceled a billion dollar complex in Florida, so he’s using his failed attempt to smear Disney with his LGBTQ hate by claiming Trump hates kids too.

“There may be some differences between me and Donald Trump,’ DeSantis said. ‘[Trump] taken the side of Disney in our fight down here in Florida.”

“I’m standing for parents, I’m standing for children, and I think a multi-billion-dollar company that sexualizes children is not consistent with that with the values of Florida or a place like Iowa.”

Time and time again we see a Republicans being charged with sex trafficking, child sex charges, child porn, more child porn and more child porn.

By the end of the Republican primaries, Trump and DeSantis will call each other pedophiles.

DeSantis Whines: Trump Takes Disney’s Side

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