DeSantis Signs 6-Week Abortion Ban; Fox Says Dems Are Extreme

Former Mitch McConnell Chief of Staff Josh Holmes ignored Ron DeSantis signing an extreme six-week abortion ban in the dead of night with no fanfare, and then claimed it was the Democratic party that was too extreme.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the controversial and draconian six-week abortion ban without any of his usual pomp and circumstance because he even understands how unpopular it is with the country.

FNS host Shannon Bream said that reports are coming that states Republican donors are now pulling back from DeSantis over his far-right culture war views.

“And it may be because of what the Financial Times is reporting, quoting a top Republican donor, Thomas Peterfee, halting plans to help finance the U.S. presidential bid of DeSantis due to his, quote, extreme positions on social issues.,” Bream said.” They quote him as saying, because of his stance on abortion and book banning, myself and a bunch of friends are holding our powder dry. Josh?”

“I think you can always find somebody in the donor class that has a problem with core GOP issues,” Holmes said.

Holmes then rambled about how Governors Abbott and Kemp won reelections in their red states even by supporting hard core anti-women legislation as some sort of proof that abortion is a non issue for Republicans.

It’s as if the 2022 midterm election never happened.

“I think that this is an issue that people want to extrapolate out on a federal level and assign because it really, really motivates a liberal base, particularly on the financial side,” he said.

“But I think in terms of where the American people are on the issue of abortion, it is not the Republicans here that have the extreme position,” Holmes claimed.

Poll after poll taken on the issue of abortion shows the American people were overwhelmingly against the overturning of Roe V Wade and support a woman’s right to choose. national polling also supports the abortion pill over the extreme anti-woman legislation that’s being crafted and passed in red state Republican legislatures.

Republicans are so extreme on abortion that even Drumpf is telling Republicans to chill out.

DeSantis Signs 6-Week Abortion Ban; Fox Says Dems Are Extreme

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