Dennis Bell forced woman into his U-Haul truck: Cops

A U-Haul sign, Monday, Jan. 30, 2023, in Los Angeles. (Kirby Lee via AP)

A man allegedly terrorized a woman in a day-long kidnapping by forcing her into his U-Haul truck, taking off her clothes, and stabbing her fingers with a pocket knife amid driving her around all day. Maryland State Police said they arrested Dennis Bell, 62, on Saturday night.

Authorities did not identify the woman. Paramedics took her to a local hospital, they said.

Bell, a resident of Lanham, Maryland, encountered the woman at a convenience store on Minnesota Avenue Southeast in Washington, D.C. on Saturday morning, officers claim.

According to cops, she said Bell forced her into the truck and threatened her life if she did not comply with his demands. He drove around all day with her sitting on the floor board in the front seat.

“The victim informed police that she did not know where she was throughout the day while Bell continued to drive,” authorities said.

Dennis Bell forced woman into his U-Haul truck: Cops

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