Democrat Throws Shade At Comer Over Missing ‘Fake Informant’

Florida Democratic Rep. Jared Moskowitz took a shot at GOP Oversight Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-Ky) after he lost track of a critical witness in an investigation about the Biden family being involved in an alleged bribery scheme. Of course, a whistleblower probably never existed anyway. How do you lose an informant?

“I know you got stuff going on,” Moskowitz said. “You’re trying to find, you know, the fake informant that you’ve now said has gone missing.”

“I know you’re busy with that,” the Florida Democrat continued. “You know, but I’m hoping that perhaps the Oversight Committee, if they’re so worried about, you know, federal overreach, perhaps they can start, you know, being focused on real government oversight.”

“And with that, Mr. Chairman, I yield back,” he added.

Comer then insisted that “the Grassley whistleblower is alive and well.”

Sure thing, buddy. We have zero information on the alleged “informant.” Comer even shocked Fox News host Maria Bartiromo when he said his informant had gone missing. This sounds a lot like the ‘the dog ate my homework’ excuse.

H/T: @Acyn

Democrat Throws Shade At Comer Over Missing ‘Fake Informant’

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