Dell Unveils the XPS 13, 14, and 16: A Hands-On Experience at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Dell has showcased its latest additions to the XPS lineup – the XPS 13, XPS 14, and XPS 16. Building on the bold design introduced with last year’s XPS 13 Plus, these new models bring forth a seamless blend of innovation and style.


Minimalism Redefined

The defining feature carried forward from the XPS 13 Plus is the All Glass wrist rest, concealing a haptic touchpad at its center. Embracing minimalism, Dell emphasizes polished aluminum and glass, creating a sleek and modern aesthetic across all three models.

Key Features

The keyboards on these laptops boast large keycaps, and there’s a touch-sensitive function row right above the keyboard. Dell’s Infinity Edge screens with thin bezels dominate the visual experience, ensuring a captivating view.

Port Options and Flexibility

While the XPS 13 remains relatively unchanged, the XPS 14 and 16 offer a more versatile experience with three USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, a headphone jack, and Micro SD card slots. The larger laptops even feature USB-C to USB Type-A and HDMI connections in the box, enhancing connectivity options.

Processing Power and Graphics

Equipped with Intel’s new Core Ultra chips, all three models leverage MPUs for AI-related tasks, making them more versatile for creative endeavors. For users seeking more power, the XPS 14 and 16 can be equipped with Nvidia’s RTX 40 series GPUs, providing enhanced graphics performance.

Display Options

The new laptops feature variable refresh rate Full HD Plus screens, ranging from 30 Hz to 120 Hz, with the option for OLED screens. The XPS 13 and 14 offer optional 3K OLED screens, while the XPS 16 boasts a 4K OLED panel, providing an immersive viewing experience.

Refreshing Rates and Performance

The variable refresh rates of up to 120 Hz make a noticeable difference in smoothness, especially during tasks like scrolling. While the XPS 14 stands out with its 14.5-inch display resembling a 15-inch display, the higher refresh rates contribute to an overall enhanced user experience.

Personal Impressions and Pricing

Reflecting on the XPS 13 Plus, some reservations were expressed due to discomfort and limited ports. However, the XPS 14, with its intriguing features and display, has captured attention. Dell announces that the new XPS lineup will be available soon, with the XPS 13 starting at $1,299, the XPS 14 at $1,699, and the XPS 16 at $1,899.

Dell Unveils the XPS 13, 14, and 16: A Hands-On Experience at CES 2024


As Dell’s new design takes center stage, older models will phase out, making the new XPS lineup the face of innovation. Stay tuned to for more laptop news from CES 2024.


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