Dark Brandon Winning The Merch Wars, But Ooh… Mike Pence?

Our president caused a funny stir on Thursday (what else was happening on Thursday never mind) by enjoying a cup of coffee in everyone’s favorite Dark Brandon coffee mug.

The Axios email newsletter notes that Dark Brandon merch is flying off the shelves:

Dark Brandon — an online meme that portrays the 80-year-old president as a two-steps-ahead Machiavelli — is driving the Biden campaign’s merchandise sales. More than 54% of the store’s total revenue is coming from Brandon-themed products, his re-election team told Axios.

  • The “Dark T-Shirt” and “Dark Roast Mug” are the best-selling products in the campaign’s store, which offers 43 products.
  • Eight Dark-Brandon-themed products are on offer, including a crop top, stickers, and white and navy baseball caps.
  • Those products alone have accounted for 44% of store orders — and driven nearly 76% of all clicks onto the website, according to the exclusive data.
  • What’s happening: Dark Brandon is a play on the Republican chant “Let’s go Brandon.”

The Biden White House first embraced the meme last summer, when Biden aides began tweeting Dark Brandon images.

In the meantime, this humble correspondent has been critical of Mike Pence’s merch:

Re-do that t-shirt and put a fly on your hair, Mike Pence. THAT would be on-brand. But look! Maybe someone on his merch team got the memo? Because this ain’t bad.

But seriously, Mike, you’re never gonna win a Republican primary with THAT attitude.

Dark Brandon Winning The Merch Wars, But Ooh… Mike Pence?

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