Crazed Alex Jones: Top Dem Politicians Having Sex With Children

Extreme conspiracy theorist and Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones took QAnon’s Pizzagate insanity to the extreme, claiming every top Democratic politician is having sex with children.

Far-right Republican provocateurs are on tilt.

You see a top Democrat politician, they’re having sex with children, bare minimum.

That’s why Hunter Biden, Biden, Biden’s daughter, ‘my dad had sex with me in the shower.’

That’s why Biden’s wife runs around getting off Air Force One dressed in stripper outfits and fishnet stockings.

They have sex with anything that can walk or crawl.

And they’re maniacs.

They’re complete, absolute sex cult maniacs.

And they’re now externalizing their hierarchy, their cult, onto us on a mass scale.

This is so off-the-wall, no commentary is necessary.

Also, ‘Sex cult maniacs sounds’ like a name for a new metal band.

The MAGA cult usually focuses on Hunter Biden, but now they are spewing their vitriolic bile to attack the rest of the Biden family with pornographic fantasies. What was Alex Jones doing when he came up with these thoughts?

After the crushing losses Republicans suffered in the 2022 midterm elections, instead of making real evaluations and changes, they are piling on the outrageous attacks even more.

It appears that when actual Republicans representing the GOP are arrested for child porn, Alex Jones and the MAGA cult go mum.

That suggests, then, that MAGA Republicans approve when their representatives groom and rape children, correct?

Crazed Alex Jones: Top Dem Politicians Having Sex With Children

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