Corbyn Besson [2021 Update] Age, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth

Born on November 25, 1998, Corbyn Besson is an American songwriter, pop singer, musician, and social media personality.

He was interested in music since the age of 12, and soon he released his first single and rose to fame right after.

Let’s know more about his musical journey and his career now.

Corbyn Besson Quick Facts

Birthday:  November 25, 1998

Birthplace: Texas, United States of America

Age: 24 years old

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 6 Feet 0 Inches

Relationship Status: Dating

Wife: N/A

Girlfriend: Christina Marie

Children: NONE

Net Worth: $2 million

Who Is Corbyn Besson? Age, Background

Corbyn Besson, the young singer, was born on November 25, 1998, in Texas, United States of America.

As of today, Corbyn is 24 years old, and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

He is the eldest son of his parents. Born in Texas, Besson and his family later moved to Virginia.

His father, Ray Besson, is an Air Force officer, and his mother is Saskia Caroling Besson, is a housewife.

Besson has two younger siblings, a brother named Jordan Besson and a sister named Ashley Mae Besson.

Corbyn Besson with brother Jordan and sister Ashley. (Corbyn/Instagram)

His brother Jordan is also a very famous social media personality with a large fan following. He is now a certified personal trainer.

Talking about his academics, Besson graduated from Centreville high school.

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Is Corbyn Besson Dating?

The ‘Why Don’t We’ star is reportedly single and away from any sorts of relationships as of 2021.

Corbyn previously maintained a romantic relationship with YouTuber Christina Marie Harris, also known as Beauty Chickee.

Corbyn Besson and ex-girlfriend Christina Harris
Corbyn Besson and ex-girlfriend Christina Harris. (Pinterest)

Besson and Harris confirmed their dating status in 2016. As per sources, the couple met at Universals Studios for a YouTube convention, and that was where it all started.

The duo maintained a very loving relationship as they posted a lot of pictures appreciating each other.

Following their love-filled social media posts, the couple gathered a lot of attention.

At one point, fans even began recognizing them as one of the most famous social media influencer couples.

Unfortunately, things came to a halt starting in 2021.

Corbyn and Christina announced their split in January 2021, and fans were very heartbroken over this news.

But what they did mention was that they were on very good terms and were still friends.

While news of Besson and Harris maintaining their relationship as friends gave hope for a reunion, things remain unsure at the moment.

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Who Is Girlfriend Christina Harris?

Christina is a popular beauty and lifestyle blogger with more than 700k subscribers on her YouTube Channel called ‘Beauty Chickee.’

This internet star is known for her beauty tutorial videos and her video series ‘Chickee Chit Chat,’ where she talks about life experiences.

Additionally, she has her own merchandise line, which she released in December 2015.

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Corbyn Besson Career

From the age of 12, Besson knew what exactly he wanted to be. He was always interested in music and singing.

On his 12th birthday, he received an electric guitar as a present; this was when things started for Corbyn.

He used to sing and practice covers on his guitars.

Slowly he started to get good at it. Seeing this, one of his friends suggested to him an app called ‘YouNow.’

At the age of just 15, he released his first single, ‘The Only One,’ and released it on YouNow.

This got a lot of popularity on Itunes as well as YouNow. He now has over 100,000 followers there.

Likewise, in 2015, he released his second solo called ‘Marathon.’ Even this got hit and earned him a lot of popularity.

In 2017 he joined the very famous pop boy band named ‘Why Don’t We.’

He accompanied them in their ‘Something Different Tour’ in the summer of 2017.

This pop band has released some amazing albums like ‘8 Letters,’ ‘Invitation,’ ‘Only The Beginning,’ etc.

But sadly, in 2020, ‘Why Don’t We’ announced their break from their music career to be away from toxicity.

In 2021 the band returned with a bang.

They released their album ‘The Good Times and Bad Ones.’

Shortly after the release, it made its way to top iTunes charts. Fans went crazy over their new release.

Their album has peaked at #8 in billboard among 200, making it Besson’s one of greatest achievements.

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Corbyn Besson Net Worth

Apart from Corbyn’s music career, he is a social media personality and has a lot of fan following.

Besson also sells and promotes his merchandise like Hoodies, T-shirts, and with his initials CB on them.

Besson has earned a handsome amount of money from his career.

Corbyn Besson’s annual income always varies. However, in 2021, Corbyn Besson has an estimated net worth of $2 MILLION.

How Old Is Corbyn Besson?

Corbyn Besson is 24 years old. He was born on November 25, 1998, in Texas, United States of America.

How Tall Is Corbyn Besson?

Corbyn Besson is 6 feet or 183cm tall in height.

Corbyn Besson Girlfriend

Corbyn Besson is currently single. He previously dated famous YouTuber Christina Harris. The couple broke up in January 2021.

Corbyn Besson Net Worth

Corbyn Besson has a net worth of $2 million in 2021.

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