Controversial Remarks from Congresswoman: Support Government Truth or Censorship? |

On Sunday’s episode of MSNBC’s “The Inside Interview,” Democratic Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett, a non-voting representative from the U.S. Virgin Islands, said the part about keeping quiet aloud. The American government should establish what the “truth” is for the country and censor any citizens who disagree. 

Plaskett remarked, “Well, you know, first of all, they wanna talk about censorship. That whenever you call attention to lies, you are censoring and preventing people from speaking. People can speak; we’re not preventing them from doing so, but we’re also going to tell the American people the truth so that they can use science, facts, and history to refute the ludicrous claims that the Republicans are attempting to make. That will prevent them from casting ballots, suppressing votes, or lying, and it will be extremely harmful to the American people as well.

In other words, Stacey Plaskett and her Democratic colleagues call “the truth” and the U.S. government will prevent people from speaking it. The Democratic Party and the media have lied to the American people numerous times over the last ten years. Whether they were racially insensitive statements about Covid vaccines, the Russia hoax, or both, 

Then, despite their claims that his attendance violated House rules intended to prevent slanderous or disparaging testimony, House Democrats were unsuccessful in their attempt to have Robert F. Kennedy Jr. excluded from a hearing on federal censorship.

Kennedy remarked, “This is an attempt to censor a censorship hearing,” in response to their various attempts to mute him throughout the hearing.

When Rep. Kat McCormack (R-FL) revealed that Plaskett had accepted money from now-deceased convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, her guilt-by-association attack on Robert F. Kennedy further backfired.

The American people have been led to believe in a destructive political agenda by inflammatory police shootings.

This week, Stacey Plaskett became well-known for making a spectacle out of congressional hearings on Big Tech censorship. She and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) argued about censorship right at the start of the hearings.

A video from the hearings went viral, showing Plaskett mispronouncing words from a transcript that she had memorized and possibly had written by a member of her staff.

Controversial Remarks from Congresswoman: Support Government Truth or Censorship? |

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