Comer Reveals Shocking Evidence of Influence Selling Involving Biden Family and Chinese Government |

During an appearance on Newsmax on Thursday night, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) went into detail about the evidence supporting a scheme to sell influence involving the Biden family and the Chinese government. In my opinion, it’s on the verge of treason, Comer declared.

Last week, it was estimated that the sum of money distributed to numerous Biden family members by means of foreign shell corporations was between $20 and $30 million. Comer is now confident that the committee will be able to reveal upwards of $40 million in influence payments made to the Biden family.

Rob Schmitt, the host of Newsmax, questioned Comer about whether any of these payments went to support the Chinese Communist Party or other hostile nations. Comer affirmed, “I believe so, I believe they all were. He continued, “The thing that comes to mind is that one of the first things Joe Biden did as president of the United States was he cancelled a thing called the China initiative.

Comer described how, beginning with the Obama Administration, the FBI had been looking into intellectual property theft from American universities. Federal investigators located a large number of Chinese nationals who entered the country legally, registered as students, and then went on to send sensitive information and intellectual property back to their home country.

Comer said that one of Joe Biden’s first actions was to terminate the China initiative, citing racial profiling and discrimination as the reason. The Chinese Communist Party would be the only nation to profit from that.

The House Oversight Chair also cited a recently made public WhatsApp message that Hunter Biden sent to Henry Zhao, a Chinese business partner. When the message was sent, Hunter Biden’s business partner was employed by the Chinese energy giant CEFC Energy, which has connections to the Chinese government.

Hunter Biden made the threat to “destroy” Zhao if payments weren’t made, and he specifically acknowledged that his father was present.

The Bidens’ entire business strategy, according to Comer, “was to try to help China gain access, to reduce the barriers of entry for China.” Because China invested in the Smithfield food processing facility, the US government significantly raised the entry barriers for China.

So, he went on to say, “One of the things, and you’re going to hear someone talk about this in a deposition very soon, is that the Bidens agreed to accept money from China to help them invest in the United States.

Schmitt said the transactions appeared to be “traitorous behavior,” and Comer agreed.

First of all, because they are obviously acting as a sort of China lobbyist, they are an unregistered foreign agent. And that’s a serious offense; the IRS whistleblower claimed that the Bidens, particularly the president’s son, could have faced legal action for acting as unregistered foreign agents.

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee continued, “I think it borders on treason.”

Comer Reveals Shocking Evidence of Influence Selling Involving Biden Family and Chinese Government |

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