Comer Admits Impeaching Biden Would Be Payback For Trump

Back in April of this year, Rep. James Comer admitted that Republicans were hungry to impeach Joe Biden without any basis for doing so. Now he’s admitting that any impeachment action undertaken is just payback for Trump’s two impeachments, which actually had solid grounds.

In an interview with Raw Story, Comer answered a direct question about whether Washington, D.C. is going to just be nothing but non-stop impeachments by admitting that yes, it definitely was.

“Well, you know, if it is, it’s because the Democrats impeached Donald Trump twice,” he complained. “And I blame this impeachment craze on the Democrats and a lot of voters feel like, well they impeached Trump twice and we should impeach Biden.”

No, a lot of voters don’t feel that way. Not even much of the Republican base feels that way. Only Trump feels that way, the god Comer serves. But wait, there’s more.

“I think that Biden’s committed a lot more suspicious activity than Donald Trump ever did,” he continued. (Biden has not committed ANY suspicious activity, unlike the wannabe mob boss). “So, we’re in this situation talking about impeachment because the Democrats used their impeachment power.”

So, a sitting President of the United States tried to extort the president of Ukraine, and got impeached for it. And then that same sitting president tried to hijack the presidency and negate the 2020 election, causing an insurrection, and got impeached for it. And that’s before we get to the part where he used his office to personally profit, and we haven’t even gotten to the grift with the Saudis yet. Trump deserved impeachment over and over and over again and if the Republicans had any balls at all they would have voted for that second impeachment, forcing him to live out his days on the damned golf course instead of in our faces. One stinking vote and he would have been barred from running for office. But they’re all a bunch of pandering idiots who just don’t know how to say no to him.

It seems obvious to me that Republicans are trying to make impeachment meaningless. If everyone is impeached, no one is impeached. It just becomes a word, devoid of all meaning or consequence.

Comer Admits Impeaching Biden Would Be Payback For Trump

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