Colorado’s AG Could Ask For Rehearing On SCOTUS Website Ruling

Neal Katyal told Michael Steele yesterday there is a legitimate reason for the Supreme Court to revisit their controversial ruling about a website designer who fabricated a fake case around a theoretical. Via Raw Story:

“The Supreme Court has a procedure to seek a rehearing, so to say, ‘Hey Supreme Court, there’s a new fact that emerged and we need you to revisit your ruling,’ so that’s possible,” he explained. “The Supreme Court can also on its own ask for a briefing on this new question on whether this case is made up.”

“Conservatives right now are defending the decision saying that Roe versus Wade, Roe wasn’t pregnant at the time of the decision and that’s different,” he elaborated. “Roe was pregnant at the time of the filing of the complaint so she was having the exact problem that she was trying to remedy, namely seeking an abortion because she was pregnant. Here, this web designer has never once done a website for an LGBT couple. It’s the exact opposite situation it’s totally hypothetical and made up. I think the Colorado attorney general should consider bringing a rehearing petition before the U.S. Supreme Court.”

I don’t see John Roberts admitting that they made a baldly political ruling based on a fabricated case. It’s a lot more likely that the Colorado attorney general will seek a rehearing.

Oh, by the way. Look who litigated this fake case:

Colorado’s AG Could Ask For Rehearing On SCOTUS Website Ruling

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