Colby Martin sentenced for murdering Melody Rohrer

Colby Martin (left in mugshot) murdered Melody Rohrer (right, both images courtesy of Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office)

Judge Kathleen Brickley minced no words when sentencing Colby Delea Martin, 31, to life in prison for running over a 64-year-old grandmother Melody Rohrer with his truck and hiding her body.

“In your premeditation and in your deliberation, you imagined this and you made it happen,” she said on Monday, according to WWMT. “The threat that you pose to society is serious and it is unmatched in anything I have seen in 11 years on the bench.”

Prosecutors also said Martin sexually abused the remains, but they could not charge him for that because Michigan has no relevant law.

The defendant reportedly denied engaging in sexual activity with the body, though he did lead investigators to the body.

Prosecutors said that his and Rohrer’s DNA were on a condom in his truck, however.

Colby Martin sentenced for murdering Melody Rohrer

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