Clarence Thomas’ Bogus Everyman Schtick Ridiculed

Joy Reid couldn’t contain her glee after ProPublica’s report exposed Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as a complete fraud. “Really, Clarence?” Joy Reid asked on her show after watching the video, rolling her eyes.

Source: Raw Story

Justice Clarence Thomas said he loves traveling through good old-fashioned RV parks. He loves a good Walmart parking lot. It isn’t that he doesn’t enjoy Europe, it’s that he really just loves America. At least, that’s what the Supreme Court Justice said in a video surfaced Thursday by MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

“I prefer the United States and I prefer seeing a regular part of the United States. I prefer going across the rural areas. I prefer the RV parks, I prefer the Walmart parking lots to the beaches, and things like that,” Thomas says in the video. “There is something normal tell me about it. I come from a regular stock and I prefer that. I prefer being around that.”

Thomas was caught accepting millions in trips from a man with cases before the Court, who paid for Thomas to island hop around Indonesia on his yacht and private plane. An expose from ProPublica revealed that the big donor to conservative judicial causes pals around with Thomas regularly.

“Really, Clarence?” Reid asked on her show after watching the video. “That’s right Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, wants you to believe that he’s the everyman who prefers the vacation and a Walmart parking lot rather than in more lavish locales, because who doesn’t enjoy spending their downtime at the ‘save money, live better store.'”

Clarence Thomas’ Bogus Everyman Schtick Ridiculed

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