Chris Christie Launches Another Assault On Trump

I’m no fan of Chris Christie, especially when he bullied public school teachers in New Jersey while he was governor, but I’ll take his cannonball blasts at Trump and his family of grifters any day.

It doesn’t mean the former governor and Trump lackey gets an MSNBC gig, Nicolle Wallace.

He’s a billionaire. He’s a billionaire, self-professed billionaire. Why can’t he use his own money to pay his personal legal fees and not use money coming from the public? It’s disgraceful.

So it is. MAGA is build on the Trump grift of keeping his hands in his pockets while they troll their followers for millions.

If Rep. James Comer wants to look for actual corruption, just give Jared a call.

Jared Kushner, six months after he leaves the White House, gets $2 billion from the Saudi sovereign wealth fund.

When Donald Trump had put him in a position to be in the Middle East, what was Jared Kushner doing in the Middle East?

We had Rex Tillerson and Mike Pompeo as secretaries of state.

We didn’t need Jared Kushner.

He was put there to make those relationships, and then he cashed in on those relationships when he left the office.

So what Donald Trump’s doing now is just a continuation of what he’s permitted his family to do over the entire course of his time as president.

Why do you think he’s not using his own money to pay for his legal fees?

Because he’s the cheapest person I’ve ever met in my life.

Digby said it well too: “I hate Christie’s bullying bullshit but he seems to be willing to fight fire with fire and I’m glad to see a GOP bully give Trump some of his own medicine”

Chris Christie Launches Another Assault On Trump

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