CBS Gives Bill Barr’s Rehab Tour A Big Boost

The corporate media has continually propped up former Trump AG William Barr who will go down in history as one of Trump’s worst enablers who was more than happy to do his bidding on everything from covering up Trump’s Russia collusion and the Mueller report, helping out Trump cronies Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, to spreading lies about supposed voter fraud and more.

Barr made an appearance on this Sunday’s Face the Nation, and was asked if he wanted to revise the comments he made during his last appearance, where he said the January 6th case against Trump “will be a hard case to make because of First Amendment interest” now that he’s read the actual indictment.

Barr called it “a challenging case” but said he didn’t “think it runs afoul of the First Amendment” and explained the allegation involved Trump’s attempt to nullify lawful votes. He then went into more details on the charges:

FMR. ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR: Right. And there were a number of things that were alleged. One of them is that they tried to bully the state authorities to withdraw their certification by citing instances of fraud and what the- and what the indictment says is, the stuff that they were spouting, they knew was wrong, and false.

This is not a question of what his subjective idea was as to whether he won or lost. They’re saying what you were saying consistently, the stuff you were spouting, you knew was wrong. But it’s not- if that was all it was about, I would be concerned on First Amendment front, but they go beyond that. And the other elements were the substitution of bogus panels, that were not authorized panels, to claim that they had alternative votes.

And then they- and that was clearly wrong, and the certifications they signed, were false. But then pressuring the Vice President to use that as a pretext to adopt the Trump votes, and reject the Biden votes, or even to delay it, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s to delay it, or to adopt it, or to send it to the House of Representatives. You have to remember, a conspiracy crime is completed at the time it’s agreed to and the first steps are taken.


FMR. ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR: That’s when the crime is complete.

Sadly, Garrett didn’t ask him why he pretended he had no idea any of this was going on at the time it actually happened when he was in a position to actually do something about it. As Michael Mora at Wonkette discussed last year when Barr was doing another revisionist history tour on Meet the Press, here’s what Barr said back in September of 2020:

Yes, that’s Barr saying “you know liberals project,” and “all this bullshit about how the president is going to stay in office and seize power? I’ve never heard of any of that crap.” That’s right, Bill Barr. It sure was the liberals projecting, as we all found out soon after!

Instead, Garrett asked Barr whether “From a prosecutor’s point of view, is this a case you would have brought?” Really? You want to know whether the Trump cover-up artist would have brought a case against him, as though we all don’t already know the answer to that question. What Garrett got was some mealy-mouthed response where he didn’t actually answer his question, not that it would have mattered if he had.

MAJOR GARRETT: From a prosecutor’s point of view, is this a case you would have brought?

FMR. ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR: Well, from a prosecutor’s standpoint, I think it’s a legitimate case.

MAJOR GARRETT: But from an Attorney General’s point of view?

FMR. ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR: But I think there are other considerations, and I would have taken those into account. But I’ve also said consistently, really, the rubicon was passed here, when- when Attorney General Garland picked Smith, because the kinds of decisions, the kinds of judgments that would say don’t bring the case, really have to be made by the Attorney General. And he picked a prosecutor. And I think at that point, the decision was, if there’s a case, we’re going to bring it. That’s when the rubicon was passed.

Barr keeps throwing Trump under the bus now, but it’s too little too late. It’s nothing but reputation laundering, and the media needs to stop helping him with that endeavor.

CBS Gives Bill Barr’s Rehab Tour A Big Boost

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