In recent years, the number of car accidents has risen rapidly. Reports show that over 6 million car accidents happen annually in the USA. If you are a car accident victim and want to prove that you are not the driver at fault, follow the article to know how you can save yourself. This situation might be hard, but it can worsen if the wrong steps are taken; therefore, do the right things and stay calm and collected.

Keep Track Of Everything: It can be an accident of a two-vehicle collision or a hit-and-run accident; keep track of every piece of information you have. Take pictures of the car, license plate, and driver (if possible). Know about the make, model, and color of the vehicle of the driver at fault. 

  • If it’s a hit-and-run scenario, don’t follow the vehicle; instead, just take pictures of the car and license plate or note down the details quickly. Following the car can lead to other dangerous situations. 
  • Look for any eyewitnesses and ask them if they are willing to testify that you are not at fault.
  • If you or any passenger in your vehicle is injured and hospitalized, keep the hospital and medical bills safe because you can claim the money back from your insurance company and prove strong proof against the faulty driver.

Seek Medical Help: If you or any passenger of your car is injured, seek medical help asap. Get yourself checked by a doctor, and ensure you’re not internally bleeding and are safe and sound. Accidents can sometimes cause internal bleeding, and the victim might not know about it quickly until it’s serious.

Call The Police: Call 911 and report a case against the driver. Give them every detail to prove that you’re not at fault. Give them the pictures and all the necessary information. Inform them about the eyewitnesses who have agreed to testify for you.

Don’t Sign Anything: If the driver at fault wants you to sign any document or piece of paper, just don’t. In these kinds of documents or papers, maybe it’s written that you are at fault and you must pay for the charges. People face difficulty making decisions in these situations, and you might feel it too. Maybe you are not the real faulty driver, but you feel it’s your fault and want to sign the papers to agree. Doing this won’t help you and can cost you dearly. Instead, wait for the police to come and, until then, gather much information as possible and seek the help of witnesses.

Contact Your Insurance Company: Your car must’ve faced damages at the accident, and it needs to e repaired; therefore, it is better to contact your insurance company instead of delaying it until the last moment. Informing them early means the chances are more of getting money for repair. Give them all the information and proof, and let them know you’re not guilty.

Hire A Lawyer: Hiring a lawyer is necessary to make a solid case against the driver at fault. A lawyer can easily help you get what you want. Reach out to a Citrus Park injury lawyer at Catania & Catania to help you win the case. They can help you receive money from your insurance company, and they will also make sure that the driver at fault faces charges.


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