Biden Family Connections and College Admissions: Unveiling the Secrets Behind Joe and Hunter Biden’s Clout |

After the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action college admission policies, President Joe Biden ordered the Department of Education to investigate “practices like legacy admissions… expand privilege instead of opportunity.” The department could begin by investigating how politically connected families like the Bidens get their children into Ivy League schools.

Hunter Biden used his father and family connections to get his daughter into Penn in 2018. The Washington Free Beacon reviewed Hunter Biden’s laptop texts and emails to show how Joe and Hunter Biden worked behind the scenes to get a poor family member into a top school.

The president may face awkward questions about Maisy Biden’s college admissions. Biden has criticized “legacy admissions,” which this case illustrates. The story also highlights the Biden family’s sometimes shady dealings with the University of Pennsylvania as congressional Republicans investigate Joe and Hunter Biden’s ethical misconduct.

Maisy Biden never studied. She wanted to attend the University of Pennsylvania, which had a 5.9% acceptance rate.

“I applied early decision to Penn today!” Maisy texted Hunter Biden on October 31.

Two days later, Maisy asked her father about her application. Hunter and Joe Biden would pressure university administrators to approve Maisy’s application in the coming months. The Bidens appealed to Penn president Amy Gutmann.

On December 13, 2018, the elder Biden texted Hunter, “going to try to see [University of Pennsylvania] Pres GUTMANN tomorrow.” “I had a great talk with Guttman,” Joe Biden told Hunter Biden two days later.

“Maisy still seeking regular acceptance. But must succeed in class this period. “Real,” wrote Joe Biden on December 15. “Start discussing tutors tomorrow.”

Hunter Biden informed his daughter of her acceptance the following day. Hunter Biden said Gutmann advised his father to help Maisy improve her senior year grades. Hunter suggested that Maisy’s chances would improve if she expressed interest in Penn lacrosse. Hunter was annoyed that Joe Biden’s lacrosse advice came so late.

“I also think it would help if you had lax coach talk to their lax coach,” Hunter wrote. “Bottom line is that Guttman [sic] made clear that in order for her to explain the 11th grade you had to show improvement in 12th,” Hunter wrote. “Which I think we would have all liked to know from the start, but in fairness we were much later in the app process than usual and made it look like we weren’t 100% about Penn.”

Joe Biden told Hunter that Gutmann would call him to inform him of Maisy’s acceptance.

“I’ll call immediately so you can call Maisy,” Joe Biden wrote. “Tell me if I can help.”

Influence worked. Maisy Biden entered Penn in fall 2019. Four years later, President Joe Biden watched Maisy graduate with a BA.

Biden’s Ivy League obsession dates back decades.  Biden said in 1988, “There’s a river of power that flows through this country,” according to journalist Richard Ben Cramer’s book. Few get to swim in the river all the time. That Ivy League river flows.”

By the time Joe Biden asked Gutmann to help Maisy, the Biden family was close to him. Gutmann called President Joe Biden “one of our nation’s foremost statesmen” when he gave him an honorary doctor of laws degree in 2013.

In 2016, Joe and Hunter Biden met with Gutmann several times. Emails show the three met at Joe Biden’s Delaware beach house in January 2016.

Joe and Hunter Biden met Gutmann at the US Naval Observatory in April 2016. Hunter Biden asked his business partner Eric Schwerin to cancel a meeting with the Ivory Coast prime minister so he could attend.

“You must meet with the Ivory Coast PM at 8:30am at the Sofitel downtown.” Cancel?” Schwerin wrote Hunter Biden two days before the April 15 meeting.

“Yes I guess so—can he reschedule—the Guttman mtg is a must attend for me per Dad,” Hunter Biden replied. “NAVOBS at 9AM sharp.”

The Penn Biden Center launched one year after the meetings, which were about unknown topics.

Penn and Biden profited from the Penn Biden Center. The Free Beacon reported that the think tank brought in over $1 billion in foreign funding for Penn. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the university paid Joe Biden over $900,000 from 2017 to April 2019, even though he taught no classes and attended about a dozen ticketed events.

Hunter Biden believed he could become a professor at Gutmann’s prestigious school because of his relationship with her.

“I asked dad for rehab money.” Hunter Biden texted his sister-in-law and then-lover, Hallie Biden, on December 26, 2018, to tell him he wanted to get sober and teach at Penn.

Three days later, Hunter Biden texted his uncle about wanting to teach at Penn.

“That night I tell dad I want to probably stay in the area and specifically I wanted to live by you and teach my course at Penn and maybe develop another,” he texted Jim Biden on December 29, 2018.

Hunter Biden never taught at Penn. Gutmann was still in the Bidens’ sights.

President Joe Biden appointed Amy Gutmann ambassador to Germany in July 2021. In January 2022, the Senate approved Gutmann 54–42.

Biden Family Connections and College Admissions: Unveiling the Secrets Behind Joe and Hunter Biden’s Clout |

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