Biden Answers Question On Whether He’d Pardon Trump: LOL

Florida Governor Meatball DeSantis said something disturbing Thursday, claiming he would “aggressively” use presidential pardons to free people charged or convicted of crimes – including former President Donald Trump. First, he can’t pardon Lumpy on state charges, and the Georgia case looks pretty solid so far.

Trump claimed he would pardon the January 6th defendants but didn’t do that while in office. He did, however, pardon the man who ripped off his supporters on the wall scheme: Steve Bannon.

Fox News’s Peter Doocy asked President Joe Biden whether he would pardon Lumpy.

“Where are you on the idea of a president pardoning Trump?” Doocy asked Biden before he took off on Marine One. Biden laughed, before replying, “I’ll see you guys.”

Even discussing pardoning the people who attacked our Capitol to overturn the election results should be a disqualifier. Still, now the guy who incited the attack is running for President. Again. Make it make sense.

Biden Answers Question On Whether He’d Pardon Trump: LOL

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