Ben Shapiro Offered The Dumbest Trump Defense Yet

Nasal-voiced Daily Wire pundit Ben Shapiro told his audience that Trump took and refused to return classified documents because ‘he likes things and so he takes them.”

Trump certainly likes to grab lady private parts.

I love gold Rolex watches (I don’t own one), but I just don’t walk into a jewelry store and steal them.

The theory that I had from the beginning was correct. That, basically, Trump was like, I like that document. It’s nice. It’s signed by Kim Jong Un. He and I are friends. Take it home. They call him Kim Jong Un. That was the actual reason he had the documents. Not for any nefarious purpose, but because Trump likes things and so he takes them.

But it is an amazing thing that they are now talking about prosecuting Trump over mishandling of classified documents.

Federal laws need not apply to Donald Trump. Ask Reality Winner about the penalty for taking a classified document home.

Shapiro’s claim is that it’s not a crime that Trump refused to return top-secret documents, even after his lawyers signed affidavits asserting that he had because he didn’t hand them over to Vladimir Putin.

Einstein, he’s not.

If that’s the best Shapiro can do, Trump is in a lot of hot water.

Ben Shapiro Offered The Dumbest Trump Defense Yet

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