Ben Shapiro: Ban Trans People From Owning Guns

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, a rabid homophobe and anti-trans commentator was very agitated over calls for gun control measures after the Nashville shooting, so he lashed out against his favorite targets.

Shapiro’s usual refrain is that the left can do anything and Republicans are always to blame.

The persecution complex runs deep on the Daily Wire.

Media Matters caught up with this dweeb.

“The gun control narrative is ridiculous in the sense that this person legally obtained the guns. I’m unaware what law would — would be passed that would’ve prevented this person from obtaining the guns,” Shapiro said. “I’m perfectly fine with banning people who suffer from gender dysphoria from purchasing weapons.”

“That seems to me a pretty significant symptom of an underlying mental malaise that is going — that could theoretically be a problem in terms of owning firearms. But I don’t think the left believes the same thing.”

Not surprising, Shapiro didn’t mention Trump getting rid of a mental health regulations for owning firearms in 2018.

Nothing has been released yet that sheds light on Audrey Hale’s murderous outburst, but since she changed her pronouns to to he/him, that is all Shapiro and the right-wing hate complex needs to cancel the Second Amendment from the LGBTQ community.

Tucker Carlson actually called Audrey Hale a trans activist.

As I’m writing this I wondered if the NRA would be against this narrative?

Just saying.

Ben Shapiro: Ban Trans People From Owning Guns

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