Awkward: Attorney Says Pence Would Be ‘Best Witness’ For Trump

Vice President Mike Pence has changed. He must have put on Mother’s big-boy pants because now he’s not holding back on Trump. Pence has called out Trump’s crackpot lawyers, and issued a statement in response to the federal conspiracy charges against Trump, saying the thrice indicted former guy “should not be president of the United States.”

Speaking of crackpot lawyers, Trump attorney Jesse Binnall made a bizarre claim during an interview on CNN, saying that former Vice President Mike Pence would be the “best witness” for Donald Trump. You know, the guy who wanted Pence dead. Yes, him. And Pence’s name is all over the last indictment.

“If you look at Mike Pence’s words and what he said time and time again, it actually supports Donald Trump,” Binnall said. “It’s actually, I think Mike Pence, if this ever goes to trial, and I don’t think it should make it to trial, I think should be dismissed, but if it ever does make it to trial, Mike Pence is going to be a star witness for Donald Trump because what he has basically said time and time again, is they may have had disagreements over the best way to act, that there was a conversation that needed to happen.”

Literally, none of that is true.

“Donald Trump thought that conversation about the propriety of votes belonging in the state legislatures, all on advice of counsel, remember,” he continued. “Donald Trump is doing this all on advice of counsel, whereas Mike Pence thought that that debate should happen in the halls of Congress.”

I do not speak Cabbage. I can’t translate that gibberish. The CNN host seemed perplexed, too.

“I really am stunned at the notion that there would be a thought that he might be a good witness on behalf of Donald Trump,” she said, then played a clip of Pence saying, “They were asking me to overturn the election.”

“I had no right to overturn the election,” Pence continued. “What I want the American people to know is that President Trump was wrong then and he’s wrong now that I had no right to overturn the election.”

Binnall then threw Trump’s previous attorneys under the bus, blaming them for the former President’s attempt to cling to power, forgetting that he was knee-deep in the plot back in December, 2020.

Awkward: Attorney Says Pence Would Be ‘Best Witness’ For Trump

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