America First Crowd Applauds As Fuentes Says Jews Must Die

White Nationalists like to portray themselves as tough guys. But there are some interesting details about whiny anti-semite Nick Fuentes. He has said, “We need to return to burning women alive.” And much to no one’s surprise, he’s an admitted virgin who believes that men “dating women is gay.” Over the weekend, Fuentes said that his ideal future wife would be 16 years old.

You would think that no one would take that chud seriously, but he’s gotten enough attention to be seen dining with former President Donald Trump and raging anti-Semite Kanye West at Mar-a-Lago. He’s drawn the attention of College Republicans, too. He hangs out with members of Congress as well.

That said, at last night’s America First rally, Fuentes called for a holy war against Jewish people, vowing that he and his followers would “make them die.”

“If a Gentile beats a Jew, he must be killed,” the little creep said. “But, when a Jew murders a Gentile, there will be no death penalty.”

“Do you think it might be a problem that the people that are running your banks, that are making the movies your children watch, do you think it’s a problem that they believe that all Christians must die?” he asked.

“Yeah!” the crowd responded.

“It’s a big problem,” the little shit insisted. “It’s a huge problem. We’re in a holy war, and I will tell you this, because we’re willing to die in the holy war, we will make them die in the holy war. We will make them die in the holy war.”

“And they will go down, we have God on our side, and they will go down with their satanic master,” he continued. They have no future in America.”

The crowd erupted in applause.

@SNEAKO, a popular influencer, said that Fuentes would be the future President of the U.S.A.

Applause broke out again.

America First Crowd Applauds As Fuentes Says Jews Must Die

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