ALA! My ‘Coca Cola’ Body Shape Is Not Obengfo Engineered – Hajia Bintu Brags

Internet sensation and renowned Tik Tok star Hajia Bintu has refuted claims that she has had plastic surgery to enhance her curves.

The Ghanaian influencer, whose real name is Naomi Asiamah, made the denial during an interview with popular TV host, Delay.

Hajia Bintu, who shot to fame with her curvy figure and twerking videos on Tik Tok, has been the subject of speculation and rumors about her body for some time.

However, she set the record straight during her interview with Delay, stating that her figure is all-natural.

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“I’ve not pumped my buttocks. I wasn’t skinny and I think it’s growth. Maybe when I was young I did not know of angles but now when I take pictures, I take them with the right angles that’s why you see things like that,” she said.

Hajia Bintu’s comments come in the wake of reports that suggest she had gone under the knife to achieve her ‘Coca Cola’ body shape. Some have even gone as far as accusing her of being a client of Ghanaian cosmetic surgeon Dr. Obengfo, who is known for his work on celebrity bodies.

However, the Tik Tok star’s denial puts an end to these rumors and puts the focus back on her impressive social media following, which has earned her endorsement deals with top brands and even a music video appearance.

Hajia Bintu’s natural body shape has been a source of inspiration for many women who feel the pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards.

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With her honesty and confidence, she continues to break down barriers and challenge the status quo in the world of beauty and fashion.


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ALA! My ‘Coca Cola’ Body Shape Is Not Obengfo Engineered – Hajia Bintu Brags

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