After Discovering His Wife Having A Sexual Encounter With Another Man On A Desk In The Classroom, The Husband Sobs (Details)

A husband saw his wife having an intimate connection with another man inside her classroom, which put him in a heartbreaking scenario.
The husband broke down in tears as he described how his wife’s behavior had changed dramatically after the birth of their child, citing her persistent tardiness to school as a worrying shift.

Read the complete account below;

Kwaku, Happy day.

Yesterday at 4 o’clock, my wife received a call when we were at home. She told the caller—I’m not sure who it was—that she would call back. She received a call again a short while later and stated that she was busy.

I was aware of everything, yet I didn’t mind. She then informed me that she needed to offer some stuff to some individuals about 5 o’clock and that she would be right back.

I pushed for further information because it didn’t make sense, and she yelled back that she was heading to her school to select some exam questions that her mistress could print. I understood because she’s a teacher and their exams are coming up.

When Kwaku departed, I began to consider the entire situation—the manner the call came in, the fact that she couldn’t actually speak to the person on the other end, and everything else.

We then followed while I carried our 2-year-old kid because I wanted to be sure she was telling the truth.

Yesterday also saw a lot of rain, and I know my wife. If she had been asked to bring those papers over, she would have railed against me indignantly. I became dubious of the situation as a whole.

I ordered the driver to stop when I saw her standing by the roadside with one guy as I was almost at her school.

After standing for almost two minutes, they moved toward the school. I got off and went after them. I didn’t speak as I entered the school since I wasn’t sure if what I saw was good. Can you believe I came upon my wife and the other gentleman having sex in a doggie manner in one of the classrooms?

Seeing that was very awful. She immediately rose up and pretended to be shifting stuff when she noticed me. She dressed for the occasion in a flared skirt. I was unable to speak since doing so would result in my killing someone.

My kid and I just returned home. I didn’t mind that she was phoning and messaging me constantly.

With her mother, she arrived home at around nine o’clock. They were still denying having sezz. When she stood up, I saw what I saw: the man had his pen tucked down his pants. I wouldn’t listen to her or her mother until she came clean, and when she did, she claimed it was the first time for both of them. She doesn’t convince me.

This year, she has left for school unplanned on a few occasions and returned home late on others. She no longer even moans about her job. This has probably been going on for a while. I don’t believe I will be able to forgive this quickly.

We were all at home together only yesterday, Kwaku, and I attempted to even convince her to go to bed, but she refused, saying she wasn’t in the mood. A few hours later, I saw her doing it with another man in a classroom. This problem has made today as a whole terrible; I wasn’t prepared for this.


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After Discovering His Wife Having A Sexual Encounter With Another Man On A Desk In The Classroom, The Husband Sobs (Details)

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