Aaron Carter Death Photos Read About Cause? The Talks Today

Four months after singer “I want you to see these photos of the death scene because the coroner ruled it an accidental drug overdose. Because of his past addiction, they never investigated it as possible crime scene.

Before finding Aaron’s body, law enforcement reportedly responded to a 911 caller telling them that a man had drank in his tub. Jane shared photos of a bathroom and a bathtub filled with green water. Jane also shared an image of rumpled clothing lying on the bathroom floor near what appears to be excrement.

Jane posted on Facebook a speculation about Aaron’s death. Jane wrote, “A lot potential homicide information existed for years Aaron had many death threats and many people who were making Aaron’s life miserable.”

However, Jane stated to TMZ in January that her son’s death was the result of a drug overdose. She said that she had found text messages on her son’s phone that indicated he owed $800 to an unidentified individual for an undetermined substance. Jane stated that she believed the substance could have been linked to her son’s death.

police informed TMZ they discovered unidentified prescription pills as well as multiple cans filled with compressed air in Aaron’s bathroom and bedroom days after his death. TMZ was told by Aaron’s mother, Melanie Martin, and his fiancee, that he died without water in his lungs. This leaves no possibility of drowning being his cause.

Aaron called the U.S. one month before his death to request a fifth stint of rehab. Sun reported that Aaron was trying to regain custody over his son Prince, who he shared with Martin, a month before his death. Due to issues regarding domestic violence , and drug use, the couple lost custody of Prince. Aaron also spoke out about his habit of huffing compressed gas, which began at the age of 16. This eventually led to him suffering more than 100 seizures.

Aaron Carter Death Photos Read About Cause? The Talks Today

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