A Man Stabs His Best Buddy To Death Over A Dispute Over Who Should Pay For The Meals They Purchased (Details)

The police in Lagos State have detained Akinola Adeleye, who is accused of fatally stabbing his friend, John.

After a contentious argument over the cost of a meal that Akinola had taken at a restaurant on Idiagbon Street in the Ifako-Ijaiye region of the state, the unfortunate tragedy happened. It should be noted that the victim was staying with the suspect at the time on a temporary basis.

The argument began about who was responsible for paying the bill, but it unfortunately turned physical and ended with Akinola allegedly stabbing his friend John to death with a knife.

An individual who goes by the name Ugochukwu and lives in the area described the unfortunate event as follows:

Akinola went to their regular buka to eat a plate of food, but instead of paying, he asked them to add his payment to the account of his friend who wasn’t present at the time.

The local eatery notified the victim that he owed them money for the food his friend had consumed when he went there to eat. He was shocked and incensed that his friend would request payment from them without even informing him.

In order to confront his friend about the debt that had been passed down to him, he hastily completed his supper and returned home. They got into a fight over that.

Akinola demanded John to leave his house right away as they were fighting over the issue, but John resisted and the argument got worse.

Before anyone could react, Akinola walked away from the altercation, returned with a knife, and stabbed John.

When Akinola left, we thought the altercation was finished but then we saw him charge towards John with the knife.

John was on the ground and bleeding profusely before we could do anything. Confusion spread everywhere, scattering everyone.

The resident also mentioned that John had an awful occurrence where he defecated on himself right there at the site before he unfortunately died from his wounds.

The atmosphere was already filled with confusion and sorrow, but this distressing incident made things worse.

In this hectic environment, according to Ugochukwu, Akinola attempted to flee the situation but was caught by some young guys from the neighborhood.

In the same neighborhood, a man named Dada who went by the name of another local resident related seeing the day of the occurrence, the dead body of the deceased was being taken past his shop and to the intersection of the street.

He said that based on information he learned from neighbors, the decision to move the body was made when the police, who they had informed, declined to access the area owing to reservations about its potential for violence.

According to the state police command spokeswoman, who verified the occurrence, the suspect was quickly taken to the State Criminal Investigations Department and will subsequently be charged in court.

Source: OccupyGh.com 

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A Man Stabs His Best Buddy To Death Over A Dispute Over Who Should Pay For The Meals They Purchased (Details)

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