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On average, individuals file over 400,000 personal injury claims annually. Then, an estimated 17,000 go to court. Thus, the remaining cases get thrown out, or they settle out of court.

Individuals must make several decisions when faced with personal injuries. 

For example, do they pursue an award from the defendant or work through their insurance companies to receive a payout?

Some circumstances make the choices for injured individuals. If a motor vehicle accident leads to chronic pain and lost wages, most individuals will seek rewards to replace their incomes.

Sometimes individuals choose to represent themselves in these cases or lean on family members with legal knowledge. Hiring an attorney depends on several factors. 

It starts with understanding the role and responsibilities of this branch of the legal profession. 

What Is a Personal Injury Attorney?

A personal injury attorney is a legal professional who represents clients injured by the neglect of others. 

The most common personal injury cases are:

  • Motor vehicle
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability
  • Wrongful death
  • Workplace

In 2019, 835 motor vehicle injuries occurred per 100,000 individuals. In their careers, some believe that 33% of medical professionals will face a malpractice suit at least once.

Other personal injury cases involve:

  • Dog bites
  • Slips and falls
  • Civil battery
  • Food poisoning
  • Torts

Every case requires filing out the appropriate paperwork, including insurance claims. Thus, the process for personal injuries has heavy bureaucratic components that legal professionals are trained to handle. 

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The following are five signs it’s time to get an attorney for a personal injury.

1. Defendant Obtains a Lawyer

The other side of lawyering up is the first sign that it’s time to hire a legal professional in personal injury incidents. 

In most situations, it’s necessary to match the strength of the opposition. Otherwise, the individual risks losing their claim simply because legal professionals outsmarted them, not necessarily proving the case’s merits.

Hiring a lawyer helps even out the playing field when the other side does the same.

2. Medical Condition Worsens

Some personal injuries lead to chronic medical conditions that never improve. In other situations, they become worse before improving. Nonetheless, medical conditions caused by injuries become expensive burdens.

For example, individuals might require a year of physical rehabilitation sessions. Most patients must attend three to five rehabilitation sessions for one hour weekly.

Depending on intensity and needs, sessions cost between $40 to $300. In addition, some must start paying for medications and more frequent medical checkups.

Moreover, poor physical health usually leads to loss of income.

3. Financial Situation Worsens

It’s rarely a good sign to experience a faltering financial situation. In 2023, the cost of living will continue to rise. Thus, it’s not a good time to lose paychecks.

A worsening financial situation indicates that it’s time to hire legal representation. 

The cost of hiring lawyers causes some people to shy away from hiring them in the first place. 

Personal injury lawyers have different charging methods for their services. Some skip charging clients upfront. Instead, attorneys take a percentage of the award granted to them by a judge or court.

Others don’t charge clients if judges or courts don’t rule in their favor.

Therefore, consulting with potential legal teams to determine how much they’ll charge, how much a client could win in damages and a timeline without an upfront fee is possible.

4. Insurance Company Gives You the Run-Around

Even though clients pay insurance companies for coverage, insurance companies are not in the business of paying claims frequently.

Moreover, insurance providers must investigate claims thoroughly to avoid paying out fraudulent declarations.

Thus, some customers will receive a run-around from their insurance providers. However, all customers do not have the time to deal with the bureaucracy.

Personal injury attorneys have the knowledge to cut through the red tape. Plus, lawyers have legal teams dedicated to efficiently pushing paperwork through the process.  

5. Paperwork Starts Piling Up

Individuals who deal with government agencies, courts, and insurance companies quickly find out that the interactions involve a lot of paperwork. 

In personal injury cases, plaintiffs must keep meticulous records of their injuries, expenses, lost wages, and medical records.

Legal teams require clients to maintain their records related to the case by forwarding them ASAP. After that, the teams timestamp, organize and filter them to the appropriate parties.

If the legal teams find clients missing essential documents, everyone can gather them quickly. 

The point is that personal injury attorneys take the burden of winning cases off them. Then, clients can focus on improving their financial situations and health.


For personal injury cases, hiring attorneys who can complete the heavy lifting is wise. Lawyers have the knowledge and teams to win cases without going to court. Thus, legal professionals help clients return to their routines more quickly.

5 Signs it’s Time to Get an Attorney for a Personal Injury The Talks Today

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