5 educators charged after child forced to eat vomit: Cops

Sara Seymour, left, and Debra Kanipe (Mugshots: Hendrick County Sheriff’s Department)

Five educators face charges after at least two of them forced a 7-year-old boy to eat his vomit, according to cops in Brownsburg, Indiana.

The allegation stems from an incident in February when Sara Seymour, 27, a life skills teacher at Brown Elementary School, allegedly told the victim that if he vomited, he would have to eat it up, officials said. Life skills teacher Julie Taylor, 48, allegedly gave a tray for the child to vomit on.

He vomited, and life skills instructional aid Debra Kanipe, 63, gave him a spoon, officers wrote. The 7-year-old was allegedly forced to consume some of what he retched up.

“Both Seymour and Kanipe stood at each side of the child while he consumed a portion of the vomit,” officers said.

The child was also forced to clean the rest with paper towels.

Life skills instruction aid Kristen Mitchell, 38, and Megan King, 24, a registered behavioral technician working for the company K1ds Count Therapy, were also allegedly there and saw the incident happen, police said.

5 educators charged after child forced to eat vomit: Cops

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