4-year-old Taliah (TimTim) dies after ‘targeted’ Nashville shooting

According to the family of the victim, a young girl who was four years old lost her life as a result of a targeted shooting incident.

The incident occurred when the car she was traveling in was fired upon at a red light, specifically at the intersection of Dickerson Pike and Douglas Avenue, shortly before 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

Taliyah (TimTim)

At the red light, two individuals exited their vehicle and proceeded to shoot at the car containing three children in the back seat, including the four-year-old girl and two other two-year-olds.

According to the girl’s family, she sustained a gunshot wound to the head and unfortunately passed away due to her injuries. Additionally, one of the two-year-olds in the car was grazed by a bullet on the head, while the 22-year-old male driver was shot in the arm. Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron stated that based on the available evidence, this appears to be a deliberate shooting incident.

The car carrying the victims had come to a stop at the red light when two individuals exited their vehicle and commenced firing. At the intersection, the police discovered over 20 shell casings on the ground. Furthermore, another vehicle was struck by bullets, although no injuries were reported in that case.

According to Aaron, the man drove the car to the Family Dollar store located approximately three miles away from the shooting location. It is speculated that the mother of one of the children in the vehicle may have been an employee there.

A witness, who was riding in the back of a Lyft with her boyfriend, shared with FOX3 that they were stopped at the red light when sudden gunshots erupted nearby, causing shrapnel to hit their car. Filled with fear, they both instinctively lowered themselves in their seats to avoid being near the windows.

The Lyft driver promptly accelerated down Douglas Avenue in an attempt to distance themselves, and the sound of gunfire persisted throughout their journey along Meridian.

The witness mentioned that she believes the Lyft driver has already contacted the police since she overheard them discussing a witness statement, which could only have originated from either the driver, herself, or her boyfriend, as they were the sole individuals at the red light who were not directly involved in the shooting.

4-year-old Taliah (TimTim) dies after ‘targeted’ Nashville shooting

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