34-Year-Old NV Private School Teacher Accused Of Having 4-year Sexual Relationship With Student | Report |

In a shocking revelation, it has come to light that a former Las Vegas private school athletics and student leadership director stands accused of engaging in a deeply troubling sexual relationship with a former student over a span of four long years.

According to a report by FOX 5 in Las Vegas, a disturbing incident has come to light involving Kaitlin Glover, a 34-year-old former employee of Mountain View Christian School. Glover now faces serious charges, including felony lewdness with a child and being a school employee in a position of authority while engaging in inappropriate conduct with a pupil who was over the age of 16.

This shocking case raises concerns about the safety and well-being of our students, as it involves an individual who was entrusted with the responsibility of educating and guiding young minds. The legal process will determine the outcome of this distressing situation, but it serves as a reminder that we must remain vigilant in protecting our children from any form of exploitation or harm within our educational institutions.

According to a recent report by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, a student has come forward, alleging that she engaged in sexual contact with her teacher, Glover, back in June 2022.

The two individuals reportedly engaged in an inappropriate relationship from December 2017 to September 2021, as disclosed by the student to law enforcement authorities. It is alleged that their communication initially commenced on the popular social media platform, Snapchat.

The station reported that, as per the report, “Glover allegedly engaged in the inappropriate act of sharing explicit images with her via Snapchat.”

Supposedly, it has been reported that the director would, over time, transport the student and engage in inappropriate activities within Glover’s vehicle on a regular basis, occurring once or twice a week.

According to the report, the victim chose to keep their relationship a secret for a prolonged period of four years. This decision was influenced by the suspect’s distressing claims that she would take her own life if the victim decided to end the relationship or if the victim sought help from the authorities.

According to Marc Cook, a lawyer representing the school, it has been brought to his attention that the student in question has allegedly graduated in 2021.

According to Cook, it has been revealed that a concerned family member reported the allegations to the school during the summer. It is important to note that Glover has not been employed by the school since the family brought forth these serious allegations.


“The school has dutifully and steadfastly cooperated with the Metropolitan Police Department, however, regrettably, they have chosen not to disclose their findings with the school,” Cook lamented. We fervently pray for the former student’s well-being and trust that the legal process and investigation will swiftly uncover the unadulterated truth in this matter.

This distressing news has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving parents and educators alike deeply concerned about the safety and well-being of our students. The gravity of these allegations cannot be overstated, and it is imperative that a thorough investigation be conducted to ensure justice is served and that such reprehensible behavior is never tolerated within our educational institutions.


34-Year-Old NV Private School Teacher Accused Of Having 4-year Sexual Relationship With Student | Report |

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