27-year-old Amareuito Fernandes shot and killed in New Bedford

Around 11:04 pm on Thursday, August 3rd, New Bedford Police received an alert from ‘Shot Spotter’ indicating numerous gunshots fired in the vicinity of 123 County Street.

The police department also received several 911 calls reporting gunshots and a male victim around 116 County Street.

Upon reaching the scene, first responders discovered evidence of a shooting but no victim.

Shortly thereafter, a private vehicle arrived at Saint Luke’s Hospital with the victim on board.

Amareuito Fernandes, 27, of New Bedford, who was the victim, was declared dead at the hospital at 11:33 pm.

Despite a week passing since the incident, no information about an arrest or the identity of a suspect has been provided.

Speculation has arisen suggesting that a suspect might have been apprehended in connection with a different incident, but official confirmation of this is unavailable.

The investigation is actively ongoing, with New Bedford Police, Massachusetts State Police detectives under the district attorney’s office, and Homicide Unit prosecutors working on the case.

Further details regarding the investigation cannot be disclosed at this time.

27-year-old Amareuito Fernandes shot and killed in New Bedford

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