10 tips for buying a Back to School laptop

The Back to School 2023 rush has begun, and you might find yourself in the market for a new student laptop. Your laptop will be your companion during your studies and will get you through each assignment, exam and casual scroll for the next few years, so you’ve got to choose wisely!

Regardless of the type of laptop you’re considering getting for school, you’ll want to really consider your specific needs and ensure that you don’t pick something too quickly. It’s easy to forget an important consideration when you’re faced with something that seems – on the surface – like it’s a perfect choice.

Follow these simple steps, and you should have no difficulty finding a device that will carry you through a full college degree, or a good few years of high school – all while letting you watch the odd bit of Netflix too.

1. You need something that’ll last

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Probably the most important aspect to consider when buying a new laptop is making sure your new device lasts. Getting hardware that can handle whatever workloads you’re going to throw at it is vital, but it’s key to consider value for money and physical build quality too.

10 tips for buying a Back to School laptop

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